ONE°15 is mindful of the need to respect and protect the marina waters and beyond.

Project Perna Mussels

As a friend to the sea, ONE°15 has embarked on our own eco-initiative – Project Perna – which involves installing strings of Green mussels or Perna Viridis under the marina pontoon. These mussels function as filter feeders, helping to remove pollutants from semi-enclosed water and providing an additional source of food for marine life within the marina.

The first eco-dive for Project Perna kicked off on 12 January 2008.

ONE°15 Environmental Policy

We strive to operate a clean marina whilst maintaining the continuous growth of our business through:

  • Preventing pollution, reducing waste and consumption and committing to recovery and recycling
  • Identifying, implementing and promoting ways to improve efficient use of resources, including energy and water
  • Identifying materials, processes, products and wastes that cause or may cause pollution and implementing measures to avoid, reduce or control pollution when technically and economically viable
  • Working in partnership with our staff, suppliers, boaters and patrons to create a clean and sustainable marina
  • Complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations and other requirements that we subscribe to
  • Continually enhancing and improving the Environmental Management System to ensure that it is appropriate and effective in helping us achieve our environmental goals

Eco Life in our Marina

ONE°15 appreciates the biodiversity of marine life here in our waters. Check out some photos of Eco Life in our Marina here!