23 August

Put your wits to the test and compete to win attractive prizes! Form a team of 8 persons or less to answer a series of questions from a broad range of categories.

23 August

Ever played Mario Kart on a console or at the arcade? Now you can experience the racing adrenaline live with a go-kart experience. Gather your family and friends and strap up for an exhilarating afternoon at KF1 Karting Circuit! There is no age restriction and first timers are welcome to join in the fun. Novice karts are available for children while advanced karts will be on hand for adults.

23 August

Ever wanted to try stand up paddling? Now is your chance! This activity is a fun and relaxing way to play on water. With minimal gear, you will be able to navigate placid waters while getting a full-body workout. Stand at full height and take some time to enjoy the unique view of the horizon.

3 September

The Club is looking to set up interest groups over the coming months where like-minded members can come together on common pursuits. We invite Members to express your interest with us on Fitness, Tennis, Wine, Jet Ski, Golf, Powerboat, Sailing, Car as well as Eco-initiatives. Register with us at 6305 6988 or membership@one15marina.com

19 September

Deck the hulls and stand a chance to win attractive cash prizes, boat polishing services, berthing credits and more!